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Programmatic advertising

These figures bet on the right horse

For some people programmatic advertising is just another word for real-time bidding. We know that programmatic is much more than this one type of auctioning – for us programmatic advertising is a synonym for future-oriented options for media planning. We use strategic selection criteria to place your message for your target group: By region, age and gender, daytime or weekday, with programmatic advertising your brand can reach your customers accurately.

Fast, clear, exclusive

With programmatic advertising, you receive a profile-based combination of an effective media concept, implementation and modulation specifically tailored to your target group. For that reason, the modulation runs automatically and balances the range and rate of the modulation along the target group-oriented data.

This new technology reveals completely new paths for your media planning. We at die-media are your personal partner here. We consult you on the data-driven basis, on effective content and the ideal ratio of modulation and placement. 

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