Five pillars for your brand foundation.

Brand funnel

From a mosaic of information to an overall image

The flux of channels and target group behavior demands course corrections of your brand’s communication and media strategy again and again. Our research tool, the brand funnel, offers the ideal base for this.

The brand funnel captures the status quo of your brand and, beyond that, also fans out the results into five categories: awareness, relevance, appeal and the use of your brand as well as the target group’s first choice with regard to your brand’s competitors.

Furthermore, the brand funnel reveals which strengths and weaknesses your brand has from the point of view of your target group. As well as how your brand compares to the competition. At the same time, the brand funnel provides a precise brand profile, including information about which brand features are important to the target group and how they are assessed regarding your brand.

Brand image and employer branding contribute significantly to the success of your company. Together, four of our research-tools form the business insights. They offer you a 360-degree-overview over your company: Regional-Image-Factor, brand funnel, employee survey, and customer satisfaction analysis.