It’s all about the content.


Relevant topics for your target group

From our studies we know that the use of different channels depends on the current stage of the customer journey. Increasing selective media usage requires relevant content for the target group.

The contentbarometer is a study developed by us which determines the relevant topics for your target group. From the results you can derive an optimal content strategy and address your target group with customized content.

With the contentbarometer we answer the following questions:

  • Which topics are really important for your target group?
  • How do people familiar with your brand rate your content?
  • How is the content of your competitors assessed by the people familiar with their brand?


For businesses and publishers

With our contentbarometer study we mainly address companies from the construction or industrial sector as well as publishers.

With the help of the contentbarometer, you receive customized results which you can use along your customer journey – whether it be a specialized magazine, website or other touchpoints. Use the findings as a basis for your creation and content strategy to address your target group with the right content.

The contentbarometer always provides you with results in comparison to your competitors, so that you always have a head start.


contentbarometer Plus for publishers: win-win for you and your customers

Relevant content is a prerequisite for successful advertising impact. This is why we offer the contentbarometer Plus especially for publishers: contentbarometer + copytest.

The copytest additionally examines the attention and communication performance of the advertising media of advertisers. The central parameters of the advertising effect, such as recall, recognition and ad evaluation are measured.

Create a win-win situation for you and your customers: With the additional copy test you can expand your service offer and increase customer loyalty.