Knowledge beats budget.


Shift happens!

Especially in the B2B-sector digital change is accompanied by completely altered information and buying behavior of your target group. We have the solution for often non-transparent and missing, relevant information to the decisionmaking of the target group.

As plenty of years of experience show, the professional information and decision behavior of your customers differs from market to market, sometimes considerably. Search engines, for example, change information behavior fundamentally. As a rule, we deal with much better-informed prospects than a few years ago. How can you adjust to that? Most of all, how can you do it very economically?

Based on your marketing and communication goals, we can offer you an absolutely individualized, modular and representative survey, which mostly funds itself.

Find decision makers in daily business-to-business

The metra®analyse is a single-source-survey, representative and just for your products. With it, we determine the buying center (main and co-decision maker) for the product purchase of your target group. We don’t only find your target group; we also know which information channels are relevant and how they are used.

By means of a customer journey or a five-phase model, we show you how and where your target group moves and what moves it. Out of this we rank the favored sources of information across all digital and analog media. From this we efficiently and most economically derive a media and marketing plan for you.

Added value through panoramic view

We recommend determining the awareness of your brand in your target group together with the metra®analyse. The brand funnel gives you answers to the big question words around your brand: What does my brand represent? Where is it perceived? By whom? How does my brand compare to its competitors?

In combination, the metra®analyse and the brand funnel provide profound results from your target groups about professional buying behavior and about your brand.

The metra®analyse is tailored specifically to your guidelines and strategic goals. It can be diversely combined with further survey questions, for example a brand status, brand profile, content or an advertisement test.