A series of noteworthy events.


Success in succession

Each survey provides results for a certain point in time. But if it’s carried out at regular intervals, the results become comparable.

We classify the survey results from a research point of view and analyze the changes. At the same time, we can draw goal-oriented conclusions from each survey for your brand communication and implement them.

We offer you tracking with double the benefit: You receive all results from one source and profit from our years of experience in both market research and media strategy. We design every survey and conduct it for you. From every assessment we draw recommendations for the optimization of your marketing strategy.

Your contact persons

Rainer Braun

Senior Project Manager Research

Telephone: +49.711.24 89 25-29
E-Mail: rainer.braun@die-media.de

Nina Zensner

Project Manager
Strategic Planning | Research

Telephone: +49.711.24 89 25-13
E-Mail: nina.zensner@die-media.de